Monday, February 21, 2011

ficQ's chocolate!!!

 pic 1: my 1st order.. very exited~
thanx frens for supporting me!!! ^O^

pic 2: 16 pc almond choc in transparent box...
with ribbon decoration.. its lovely!!!
heheheee... thanx aeja!!!! 

pic3 : I <3 u... so special...
cant get it anywhere..!! hehee
its available in plain choc and almond filling~
sooOo sweet.. & of coz delicious ^O^
this choc ordered by eida for her special frens.. =P

pic 4: Daisy lolichoc!!!!
soO cute & yummy2~
its look like lolipop.. but the texture is soft bcoz its chocOlate!!!

 Pic 5: Cartoon chocolate..!!!
shapes available are teddy bear, duck, train, sun, moon, and donkey~
its child craziness =p

Pic 6: ~ rOse shape chocolate~

pic 7: * dark chocolate also available*

Saturday, February 12, 2011